Hi friends! I'm Myles and I'm forever stuck in an emotional state of nostalgia. I like making/reblogging gifs of anime, silver age j-pop idols, and other old things! I hope you all find something to like here!

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Had a really great night hanging out with old friends. We got to play some Beatmania IIDX, a bit of Street Fighter, and we wasted money losing at crane games until my friend won something on his last try.

It was about midnight by the time we left the arcade so we went to get some McDonalds and ate our food in my friend’s car, parked beneath a streetlight at the corner of the parking lot, ambient Japanese electronic music playing faintly in the background.

Tonight was the most slice of life experience I’ve had in a very long time.

Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. Together at last.


Les femmes du zodiaque :

New manga from french published Le lézard noir.
It’s draw by the artist Miyako Maki, translated by Miyako Slocombe. The cover was done by Emilie Bouchon and the trailer by myself.

Collection of six stories that depicts the destinies of Japanese women from the Second World War until the 1970s, depicts their awakening sexuality and reveals the status of women in society.

Miyako Maki is the wife of Leiji Matsumoto ! She’s is very talented with an elegant line.

Les femmes du zodiaque is a book with many short stories about women, love and zodiac…

Coming this fall !



Canon T70:広告-1984年


Joke’s on you buddy because it only took 3 more episodes for you to totally fall for that gross baby