Hi friends! I'm Myles and I'm forever stuck in an emotional state of nostalgia. I like making/reblogging gifs of anime, silver age j-pop idols, and other old things! I hope you all find something to like here!

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Jenga Cat - Video


Whenever I listen to jangle-pop music I kinda worry that I’m still the same moody kid I was in high school but then I think about how I still really like this kind of music and I ask myself “What would Drake do ;~; ?” and he’ll tell me “#YOLO”, and then I feel relieved cos I’m just gonna like whatever I wanna like. Life’s too short to be ashamed of who you were in the past, if anything you should be kinda proud of who you were back then because it made you who you are now, right? 


come on and slam



Spongebob - I Don’t Like

this is historically significant